meli + kristen // grand rapids wedding

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kristen + meli,

a really really big piece of my heart will forever
be yours. you have such gracious + beautiful souls, and
it was such an honor to be a part of your love story,
and it will be an honor to have you both in my life forever.
…i would wish you a lifetime of happiness, but i am already
certain that you’ll have that.



salon: Cheeky Strut
ceremony + reception:
Eve at the B.O.B.
kristen’s gnarly suit: Express
dress: Memories Bridal & Evening Wear
cake: Mirabella Confections
catering: Gilmore Collection
floral: Js Flower Market

…a GIANT thank you to all of the vendors who were
involved in creating this perfect day for kristen + meli…
the love + support coming from everyone proves
that michigan truly is ready to be on the right side
of history.
go, michigan, go!

tj + shannon // an ocala, florida love story

my snowy michigan heart was warmed up by
the warm florida sun + the honor of photographing
the wedding of someone near + dear to my heart.
my best friend’s oldest brother was getting married…
he was the happiest i’d ever seen him,
and handsome as ever.
his bride was elegance wrapped in this calming
and beautiful quiet. i could see her seeing it all.
their families were excitedly surrounding them,
buzzing around getting everything in it’s place
for what would be one of the most beautiful
days of their entire lives.

…while i did just only get a few hours with shannon’s
family, i can say one thing…
and that’s that this beautiful woman,
and her daughter ava have found big love
within TJ + his family.
seriously BIG. LOVE.
they’ll never again have to seek out love because
that’s exactly what TJ is made of,
and where he comes from.
…these families are so blessed,
and so am i.

this love story is a one of a kind,
out of this world sort of love story,
what you’ll find next are all the little
things that made up this wonderful day…

milk + cookie champagne flutes. blueberry
pomegranate wine. promises to never miss
another first. a hand sewn wedding dress.
super squinty smiley eyes. the most delicious
wedding cake ever. witnessing fifty-seven years
of marriage. the sweetest rendition of ave maria.
a father having the honor of marrying his daughter
in his very own church. bow ties + lace.
frolicking in the woods.
and florida… not looking like….florida.

tj + shannon,
thank you for trusting me to be the one
to document your wedding day, it was an honor
to have a hand in what will be one of the happiest
days of your lives! i wish you both + ava a lifetime
rich in love + laughter! …and wine!


todd + jess // a playa del carmen wedding story

it was a hot Hot HOT day in playa del carmen, mexico…
and the evening was cooled off with a rush of a tropical storm,
two of our very best friends invited their closest friends
and family to bear witness to the beginning of their love story.

years of firsts + flirting, earning their PHDs,
expanding their family with their pup Toby,
countless adventures + an unfathomable amount
of stories, …all of that, lead up to this day.

this beautiful day.
…a day + week that none of us will soon forget.
this beautiful love.
…a love that we could all take a thing or two from.
these incredible human beings.
…two people i admire + cherish so greatly.

this is their story,

i howled at the moon with friends
and then the sun came crashing in…
but all the possibilities,
no limits, just epiphanies.

2014-03-21_0001 2014-03-21_0002 2014-03-21_0003 2014-03-21_0004 2014-03-21_0005 2014-03-21_0006 2014-03-21_0007 2014-03-21_0008 2014-03-21_0009 2014-03-21_0010 2014-03-21_0011 2014-03-21_0012 2014-03-21_0014 2014-03-21_0015 2014-03-21_0017 2014-03-21_0019 2014-03-21_0018 2014-03-21_0022 2014-03-21_0020 2014-03-21_0021 2014-03-21_0024 2014-03-21_0025 2014-03-21_0026 2014-03-21_00272014-03-21_0077 2014-03-21_0028 2014-03-21_0030 2014-03-21_0047 2014-03-21_0031 2014-03-21_0049 2014-03-21_0048 2014-03-21_0032 2014-03-21_0033 2014-03-21_0034 2014-03-21_0035 2014-03-21_0036 2014-03-21_0037 2014-03-21_0039 2014-03-21_00402014-03-21_0042 2014-03-21_0041
2014-03-21_0043 2014-03-21_0044 2014-03-21_0045 2014-03-21_0046 2014-03-21_0050 2014-03-21_0051 2014-03-21_0052 2014-03-21_0053 2014-03-21_0054 2014-03-21_0055 2014-03-21_0056 2014-03-21_0057 2014-03-21_0058 2014-03-21_00592014-03-21_0060 2014-03-21_00612014-03-21_0062 2014-03-21_0063 2014-03-21_0064
enter, Marty with the camera for awhile…
show him the love he so deserves for these
rockstar images!
2014-03-21_0072 2014-03-21_00652014-03-21_0066 2014-03-21_0067 2014-03-21_0068 2014-03-21_0069 2014-03-21_0070 2014-03-21_0071ellen ain’t got nothin’ on the best selfie

2014-03-21_0073 2014-03-21_0084 2014-03-21_0074 2014-03-21_0075 2014-03-21_0076 2014-03-21_0078 2014-03-21_0079 2014-03-21_00802014-03-21_0081 2014-03-21_0082 2014-03-21_0083
todd + jess,
i’m absolutely certain you know that the love
i have for both of you runs wildly deep.
…what i need to make sure that you know is what an
honor it was to both stand in and photograph your
wedding day. everyday i am honored to be your
friend, and everyday i’ll cherish the love you bring
to my life.

cheers to the GILSTETTERS, baby!!!

hotel: The Royal Playa del Carmen
econd shooter: Marty Hueter

emily + chris // depot town engagement

while on a cruise boat for their friend’s wedding last winter,
i had the pleasure of eating dinner with these two
lovebirds every night. i instantly fell in love with them
as people, and as a couple. chris with his southern charm,
and emily with the most beautiful smile i’d ever seen…
by far, two of the nicest people i’ve ever met.
on a boat in the middle of the ocean traveling
to the cayman islands and jamaica, these two made me
feel so comfortable and a little less lonely, for which i’ll be
forever grateful…

i never imagined that i’d gain such wonderful people
as friends, and it was such an honor to do some engagement
photos for them while they were in the mitten over christmas!

chris grew up in the south, so he got his first taste of
a michigan winter + the weather couldn’t have been more
perfect for such an occasion!

2014-01-17_0002 2014-01-17_0004 2014-01-17_0003 2014-01-17_0005 2014-01-17_0006 2014-01-17_0007 2014-01-17_0008 2014-01-17_0009 2014-01-17_0010 2014-01-17_0011 2014-01-17_0012 2014-01-17_0013 2014-01-17_0014 2014-01-17_0015 2014-01-17_0016 2014-01-17_0017 2014-01-17_0018 2014-01-17_0019 2014-01-17_0020 2014-01-17_0021 2014-01-17_0022 2014-01-17_0023

i couldn’t possibly be more thrilled for two people
to join their lives together. a couple who laughs
together is a stellar duo in my book!

thank you both for allowing me to be a part of this
time in your lives, and for loving me the way you do!
a special place in my heart will always have your names on it!


erick + jessie // anna maria island love story

it was an overcast day on the beautiful
anna maria island that sits off the coast of florida.
there was a slight chill in the air, but at the end
of december for a group of michiganders it
was the most perfect escape.

the details of this day showcased so perfectly
the kind of people and the kind of couple
that these two are,
…from the beachy decor + erick having
his father as his best man, right down to
jessie’s dress which was purchased
through The Bride’s Project,
a nonprofit organization of volunteers dedicated to
raising funds for the programs of the Cancer Support Community
in the greater Ann Arbor area
 through the sale of donated bridal gowns.

i loved closing out the most fantastic year of my career
with a couple so genuine + authentic with one another,

…with their closest friends and their family bearing
witness, these two incredible human beings
vowed their lives and their love to each other…

without further adieu,


2014-01-13_0001 2014-01-13_0002 2014-01-13_0003 2014-01-13_0004 2014-01-13_0005 2014-01-13_0006 2014-01-13_0007 2014-01-13_0009 2014-01-13_0010 2014-01-13_0012 2014-01-13_0013 2014-01-13_0014 2014-01-13_0015 2014-01-13_0016 2014-01-13_0017 2014-01-13_0018 2014-01-13_0019 2014-01-13_0020 2014-01-13_0021 2014-01-13_0022 2014-01-13_0023 2014-01-13_0024 2014-01-13_0025 2014-01-13_0026 2014-01-13_0027 2014-01-13_0028 2014-01-13_0029 2014-01-13_0030 2014-01-13_0031 2014-01-13_0032 2014-01-13_0033 2014-01-13_0034 2014-01-13_0035 2014-01-13_0036 2014-01-13_0037 2014-01-13_0038 2014-01-13_0039 2014-01-13_0040 2014-01-13_0041 2014-01-13_0042 2014-01-13_0043 2014-01-13_0044 2014-01-13_0045 2014-01-13_0046 2014-01-13_0047 2014-01-13_0048 2014-01-13_0049 2014-01-13_0050 2014-01-13_0051 2014-01-13_0052 2014-01-13_0053 2014-01-13_0054 2014-01-13_0055 2014-01-13_0056 2014-01-13_0057 2014-01-13_0058 2014-01-13_0059 2014-01-13_0060 2014-01-13_0061 2014-01-13_0062 2014-01-13_0063 2014-01-13_0064 2014-01-13_0065 2014-01-13_0066 2014-01-13_0067 2014-01-13_0068 2014-01-13_0069 2014-01-13_0070 2014-01-13_0071 2014-01-13_0072 2014-01-13_0073 2014-01-13_0074 2014-01-13_0075 2014-01-13_0076 2014-01-13_0077 2014-01-13_0078 2014-01-13_0079 2014-01-13_0080 2014-01-13_0081 2014-01-13_0082 2014-01-13_0083 2014-01-13_0084 2014-01-13_0085 2014-01-13_0086 2014-01-13_0087 2014-01-13_0088 2014-01-13_0089 2014-01-13_0090 2014-01-13_0091 2014-01-13_0092 2014-01-13_0093

my loves,
i haven’t a single doubt that the future
of the moberg’s will be bright + beautiful
and full of success, love + endless laughter.
my adoration for the two of you couldn’t
possibly be justified with words on this blog.
just know that i believe in your love, and
wish you all the happiness in the entire world!


zach + laura // bissell tree house, grand rapids michigan wedding

back in the always beautiful grand rapids, michigan
for yet another wedding that blew me away
from beginning to end,

…the day was filled with nothing but soft spoken
voices, a calmness that commanded every room,
and a bride + groom who looked ready
to start the beginning of their forever,

laura has a way of bringing a calm + gentle quiet into
the room with her. she has a very organic
elegance, and it’s really just so lovely to be in the presence of it.
and her humbleness is so genuine, she truly
has no idea how lovely she is and it’s endearing.
and zach is just the absolute best! i mean, seriously.
he’s this very smart man with this playfulness and humor
that creates just the right balance.
together, zach + laura compliment each other
on all levels. there is a tenderness and an unspoken
understanding between them about who they are
and to watch them interact together only solidified
in my mind that this is the kind of love that will
see a lifetime of happiness,

…i’ve actually known laura for a long time, but only recently
have i been so fortunate to get to know her and zach, and we
have a profound respect for them as a couple and
happily call them our friends!

go ahead, take a look into the beautiful
winter wedding hosted all around the city
and eventually taking us on top of a giant hill overlooking
grand rapids in the most beautiful venue,
The Bissell Tree House at John Ball Zoo

2013-12-13_0002 2013-12-13_0001 2013-12-13_0006 2013-12-13_0004 2013-12-13_0003 2013-12-13_0023 2013-12-13_0005 2013-12-13_0008 2013-12-13_0009 2013-12-13_0012 2013-12-13_0014 2013-12-13_0011 2013-12-13_0010 2013-12-13_0013 2013-12-13_0015 2013-12-13_0016 2013-12-13_0017 2013-12-13_0018 2013-12-13_0019 2013-12-13_0020 2013-12-13_0021 2013-12-13_0022 2013-12-13_0024 2013-12-13_0028 2013-12-13_0034 2013-12-13_0025 2013-12-13_0026 2013-12-13_0027 2013-12-13_0029 2013-12-13_0030 2013-12-13_0036 2013-12-13_0037 2013-12-13_0031 2013-12-13_0032 2013-12-13_0033 2013-12-13_0038 2013-12-13_0035 2013-12-13_0039 2013-12-13_0040 2013-12-13_0041 2013-12-13_0042 2013-12-13_0043 2013-12-13_0044 2013-12-13_0045 2013-12-13_0046 2013-12-13_0047 2013-12-13_0048 2013-12-13_0049 2013-12-13_0050 2013-12-13_0055 2013-12-13_0054 2013-12-13_0059 2013-12-13_0051 2013-12-13_0053 2013-12-13_00572013-12-13_0056 2013-12-13_0058 2013-12-13_0060 2013-12-13_0061 2013-12-13_0062 2013-12-13_0063 2013-12-13_0064 2013-12-13_0065 2013-12-13_0066 2013-12-13_0067 2013-12-13_0068 2013-12-13_0069 2013-12-13_0070 2013-12-13_0071 2013-12-13_0072 2013-12-13_0073 2013-12-13_0074 2013-12-13_0075 2013-12-13_0076 2013-12-13_0077 2013-12-13_0078 2013-12-13_0079 2013-12-13_0080 2013-12-13_0081 2013-12-13_0082 2013-12-13_0083 2013-12-13_0084 2013-12-13_0085 2013-12-13_0086 2013-12-13_0087 2013-12-13_0088 2013-12-13_0089 2013-12-13_0090 2013-12-13_0092 2013-12-13_0093 2013-12-13_00942013-12-16_0002 2013-12-16_0001 2013-12-16_00032013-12-16_0006 2013-12-16_0005 2013-12-16_0004 2013-12-13_0095

cheers to the rest of your lives,
to friendship + to LOVE!

when two became three // the phelps family

i wouldn’t normally blog a brand new snuggly
baby with so many black + white photos,
but it was simply irresistible.

…nervous wreck, everything is gray …my newborn work can be
 scattered sometimes, so when it’s been awhile, i always get
a little panicky.  so when i get there and i’m greeted by these
two beaming new parents, i immediately know how i
want to approach + tell this story. it took me all of
3 seconds to snap out of the funk + worry, and step into
the story of their new family.
and before i knew it, it was just flowing and happening…
they were so in tune with their new lillian jane, and they
were so kind to each other. everytime she needed something,
he was right there happy to do it, and she always thanked him.
every single time. i was so touched + awakened by this simple
two worded gesture.

they were in love with each other,
they were in love with her,
…and then,

well, see for yourselves…

2013-12-05_00012013-12-05_0003 2013-12-05_0004 2013-12-05_0005 2013-12-05_0002 2013-12-05_0011 2013-12-05_0014 2013-12-05_0013 2013-12-05_0012 2013-12-05_0008 2013-12-05_0007 2013-12-05_0006 2013-12-05_0023 2013-12-05_0010 2013-12-05_0009 2013-12-05_0015 2013-12-05_0016 2013-12-05_0017 2013-12-05_0018 2013-12-05_0019 2013-12-05_0021 2013-12-05_0022 2013-12-05_0031 2013-12-05_0030 2013-12-05_0032 2013-12-05_0029 2013-12-05_0028 2013-12-05_0026 2013-12-05_0025 2013-12-05_0024 2013-12-05_0027 2013-12-05_0020

dan + katie,

thank you for inviting me into your beautiful
home + letting me spend some time with you
and your new sweet baby girl. lillian is absolutely
perfect as can be!!

adam + kate // ann arbor, michigan engagement photography

it was a beautiful fall day in the great lake state.
the overcast light provided the perfect mood in
one of my favorite places on earth, Eberwhite Woods
located in Ann Arbor.
the air was cool, and i was ready to make the images
i had been dreaming about for DAYS come to life.
adam + kate hopped out of the car + i was thrilled that
they had chosen the most perfect outfits for my vision.
flannel. you can never ever go wrong with flannel.
or vests with furry hoods.
OR a stellar beard.
…within minutes, their adoration for each other was
unraveling with every frame. there were numerous
“oh my goddddddd’s” + “look at this oneeeeeeee’s”
…seriously. they can vouch.
…i scrolled through this probably 40 times before
i decided it was exactly how i wanted it, and i’d say
that at least HALF of those reviews flowed perfectly
with the song. and it’s gnarly when it happens,
especially when you get to the photo where there
are just a few falling leaves in the left corner…ugh,
that’s my fave part. it gives just enough movement
to bring the whole sesh to life for me. lovelovelove

artist: imaginary friend
song: we are the love we give

2013-10-27_0001 2013-10-27_0002 2013-10-27_0003 2013-10-27_0004 2013-10-27_0005 2013-10-27_0006 2013-10-27_0007 2013-10-27_0008 2013-10-27_0009 2013-10-27_00102013-10-29_0001 2013-10-27_0012 2013-10-27_0013 2013-10-27_0014 2013-10-27_0015 2013-10-27_0016 2013-10-27_0017 2013-10-27_0018 2013-10-27_0019 2013-10-27_0020 2013-10-27_0021 2013-10-27_0023 2013-10-27_0024 2013-10-27_0025 2013-10-27_0026 2013-10-27_00282013-10-27_0033 2013-10-27_0029 2013-10-27_0031 2013-10-27_0032

adam + kate,
to put it simply, i absolutely adore you.


josh + stacey // downtown flint, michigan engagement

it took exactly 30 seconds for me to fall head over heels
in love with this couple.
from the moment i received josh’s inquiry that made me laugh AND cry a bit,
i just knew that this was a couple that would mesh well with the BAMfam.

stacey is a beautiful human being, and a pharmacist. i love how comfortable
she is in her own skin and how she wears her adoration for josh all over
her face when she looks at him. josh is a young adult pastor at a
church in downtown flint. on numerous occasions we were stopped
on the street by people wanting to greet him! to say he’s a little bit of
a celebrity in this town would be putting it mildly.

simply put, these two are destined for greatness on all levels,
and i feel so honored to have had these two incredibly genuine
and kind people in front of my camera.

artist: liam titcomb
song: richer than we know

2013-10-16_0001 2013-10-16_0002 2013-10-16_0003 2013-10-16_0004 2013-10-16_0005 2013-10-16_0006 2013-10-16_0007 2013-10-16_0008 2013-10-16_0009 2013-10-16_0010 2013-10-16_0011 2013-10-16_0012 2013-10-16_0013 2013-10-16_0014 2013-10-16_0015 2013-10-16_0016

josh + stacey,
i am so smitten with the two of you i can hardly contain it.
my hour long drive home after our session brought me
such clarity about why i do what i do, and why i am so incredibly
blessed to have a career that opens my life up to such
wonderful people like you.
thank you for a beautiful afternoon, for making my first trip to flint a perfect one,
and for being a reminder that i have the best job ever!


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