[ mr + mrs reuter ] a love story

the love story between sam + jon is overwhelming.
the kind of story that gives you goosebumps,
and leaves you with the feeling of wanting more.
…honestly, i am struggling with where to begin because
there were so many profound moments throughout my entire
experience with these two.

from my very first meeting with sam in a coffee shop,
i was completely smitten. her excitement about marrying
jon was surreal. it was as infectious as her smile.
the love she felt for jon mirrored my own feelings and
i just knew that not only would some serious magic
be made, but that a truly deep connection was about to begin…
i was gaining two new clients, but more importantly
i was gaining two new friends.

this beautiful june day began at the incredibly charming
Denada House in Wheaton, Illinois.
a rustic + very chic old house turned into one of the most beautiful
wedding venues i’d ever laid eyes on.

…throughout the entire day, i was fully immersed.
every single area of this giant venue was filled with
love + excitement, right down to the small details that only
a couple so seriously in love could create.
one of my favorite parts of the day, was when guests started to arrive
and sam looked out the window and you could just feel the
love overwhelming her. yes, they sent the invitations, and the RSVP’s
told them who would be surrounding them on the most important
day  of their lives, but she watched in awe as all of the people
she loved began to arrive, and i was moved.
it yanked at my heart strings in the best way imaginable.

an undeniable force of true love + happiness was
e v e r y w h e r e.
as the day went on, i started to realize more + more that
i wasn’t just photographing a wedding, nor were guests
just attending a wedding. we were in the presence of
true love. a kind of love that fifty years from now will have
grown and become stronger + deeper.
it was an experience on a level i’ve never known.
…one i feel so incredibly blessed + honored to have
witnessed and documented.


Artist: Damien Rice
Song: The Blower’s Daughter


sam + jon,

not only was it an honor to have been chosen to document
your wedding day, but it was even more of an honor to
meet you, and to be in the presence of the genuine and
real love that you share. i was moved and inspired by
the two of you on so many levels and truly feel fortunate
to call you my friends. thank you for inviting me into
your lives, and for being two of the most kind people i know.
i’ll cherish this experience for the rest of my life.
i wish you both nothing but the very very best on this journey!




  1. are you kidding me right now? you are completely incapable of anything less than perfection aren’t you?

    wow wow wow wow wow wow. I hope that you do recognize on some level the talent and true gift you have. Obviously this couple is flawless, but Brittany, those words, the songs, the photographs………….

    you wow me. everytime! and that’s not something I say very often! You are a gift to this industry,


  2. I shall await the day when you finally realize that the photographs you give to friends and complete strangers are nothing short of gifts. Precious, sacred gifts through your eyes and heart. You bring love to life!

  3. Brittany-
    We are touched by your kind words & we love you equally!! Our wedding was definitely like a fairytale to us and you captured every single moment better than we could have ever imagined ❤ can't wait for you to photograph our little babies one day.
    LOVE: Sam & Jon

  4. Britt,

    These photos are unreal. You are a real person experiencing your own love story and that feeling comes shining through every single photograph you take. Your photography has nothing and everything to do with you. You channel your inner happiness into capturing these moments for others. It just amazes me daily to see you grow and to see this business you built from the ground up!

    This couple is absolutely beautiful and their love is so powerful even through photographs! What an amazing story!

  5. Absolutely stunning!! I had my wedding at the same venue on 5/31/13, it really is a fairytale there and Sam I just know you felt like a princess as you looked, I felt the same. Congrats to you both on your special day!!!

  6. brilliiiantttt. oh my gosh.. the one of the little girl crying! the kiss. the one of the bride through the cracked door.. that one will be treasured by her kids someday.

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