[jason + kristen] an ann arbor love story


you have found your way to one of my most favorite
love stories to date…

it wasn’t their story that yanked at my heartstrings, but
rather their affection + tenderness towards each other.
i loved the way they completed each other’s sentences
during our first meeting,
the way he looked at her during the engagement sesh,
the way she ran her hands through his hair during their
first dance, the way their families smiled + cried watching them
commit to a lifetime together…
but what i loved most were the moments when you could
tell that the whole world disappeared around them
and they would be in these moments,
just the two of them.

they spent their wedding day surrounded by 60 of their
closest friends + family at two of my most favorite
ann arbor spots,

The Matthaei Botanical Gardens of Ann Arbor


Vinology Wine Bar + Restaurant

a beautiful summer day, followed by the most
intimate + romantic evening,

artist: andy grammer
song: i choose you
mr + mrs scherbarth,

from the moment i first met you, you ignited something
inside of me. something that changed the way i want
to document love stories from this point forward,
and for that, i thank you from the bottom of my heart!
i hope you crazy lovebirds had a wonderful time
honeymooning all over europe!



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