adam + kate // ann arbor, michigan engagement photography

it was a beautiful fall day in the great lake state.
the overcast light provided the perfect mood in
one of my favorite places on earth, Eberwhite Woods
located in Ann Arbor.
the air was cool, and i was ready to make the images
i had been dreaming about for DAYS come to life.
adam + kate hopped out of the car + i was thrilled that
they had chosen the most perfect outfits for my vision.
flannel. you can never ever go wrong with flannel.
or vests with furry hoods.
OR a stellar beard.
…within minutes, their adoration for each other was
unraveling with every frame. there were numerous
“oh my goddddddd’s” + “look at this oneeeeeeee’s”
…seriously. they can vouch.
…i scrolled through this probably 40 times before
i decided it was exactly how i wanted it, and i’d say
that at least HALF of those reviews flowed perfectly
with the song. and it’s gnarly when it happens,
especially when you get to the photo where there
are just a few falling leaves in the left corner…ugh,
that’s my fave part. it gives just enough movement
to bring the whole sesh to life for me. lovelovelove

artist: imaginary friend
song: we are the love we give

2013-10-27_0001 2013-10-27_0002 2013-10-27_0003 2013-10-27_0004 2013-10-27_0005 2013-10-27_0006 2013-10-27_0007 2013-10-27_0008 2013-10-27_0009 2013-10-27_00102013-10-29_0001 2013-10-27_0012 2013-10-27_0013 2013-10-27_0014 2013-10-27_0015 2013-10-27_0016 2013-10-27_0017 2013-10-27_0018 2013-10-27_0019 2013-10-27_0020 2013-10-27_0021 2013-10-27_0023 2013-10-27_0024 2013-10-27_0025 2013-10-27_0026 2013-10-27_00282013-10-27_0033 2013-10-27_0029 2013-10-27_0031 2013-10-27_0032

adam + kate,
to put it simply, i absolutely adore you.



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