todd + jess // a playa del carmen wedding story

it was a hot Hot HOT day in playa del carmen, mexico…
and the evening was cooled off with a rush of a tropical storm,
two of our very best friends invited their closest friends
and family to bear witness to the beginning of their love story.

years of firsts + flirting, earning their PHDs,
expanding their family with their pup Toby,
countless adventures + an unfathomable amount
of stories, …all of that, lead up to this day.

this beautiful day.
…a day + week that none of us will soon forget.
this beautiful love.
…a love that we could all take a thing or two from.
these incredible human beings.
…two people i admire + cherish so greatly.

this is their story,

i howled at the moon with friends
and then the sun came crashing in…
but all the possibilities,
no limits, just epiphanies.

2014-03-21_0001 2014-03-21_0002 2014-03-21_0003 2014-03-21_0004 2014-03-21_0005 2014-03-21_0006 2014-03-21_0007 2014-03-21_0008 2014-03-21_0009 2014-03-21_0010 2014-03-21_0011 2014-03-21_0012 2014-03-21_0014 2014-03-21_0015 2014-03-21_0017 2014-03-21_0019 2014-03-21_0018 2014-03-21_0022 2014-03-21_0020 2014-03-21_0021 2014-03-21_0024 2014-03-21_0025 2014-03-21_0026 2014-03-21_00272014-03-21_0077 2014-03-21_0028 2014-03-21_0030 2014-03-21_0047 2014-03-21_0031 2014-03-21_0049 2014-03-21_0048 2014-03-21_0032 2014-03-21_0033 2014-03-21_0034 2014-03-21_0035 2014-03-21_0036 2014-03-21_0037 2014-03-21_0039 2014-03-21_00402014-03-21_0042 2014-03-21_0041
2014-03-21_0043 2014-03-21_0044 2014-03-21_0045 2014-03-21_0046 2014-03-21_0050 2014-03-21_0051 2014-03-21_0052 2014-03-21_0053 2014-03-21_0054 2014-03-21_0055 2014-03-21_0056 2014-03-21_0057 2014-03-21_0058 2014-03-21_00592014-03-21_0060 2014-03-21_00612014-03-21_0062 2014-03-21_0063 2014-03-21_0064
enter, Marty with the camera for awhile…
show him the love he so deserves for these
rockstar images!
2014-03-21_0072 2014-03-21_00652014-03-21_0066 2014-03-21_0067 2014-03-21_0068 2014-03-21_0069 2014-03-21_0070 2014-03-21_0071ellen ain’t got nothin’ on the best selfie

2014-03-21_0073 2014-03-21_0084 2014-03-21_0074 2014-03-21_0075 2014-03-21_0076 2014-03-21_0078 2014-03-21_0079 2014-03-21_00802014-03-21_0081 2014-03-21_0082 2014-03-21_0083
todd + jess,
i’m absolutely certain you know that the love
i have for both of you runs wildly deep.
…what i need to make sure that you know is what an
honor it was to both stand in and photograph your
wedding day. everyday i am honored to be your
friend, and everyday i’ll cherish the love you bring
to my life.

cheers to the GILSTETTERS, baby!!!

hotel: The Royal Playa del Carmen
econd shooter: Marty Hueter


  1. Always love looking at the wedding pictures you have taken! Even more fun when they are of people you know. The pictures of Todd & Jessica’s wedding are incredible! Simply gorgeous! Can’t believe you kids are all old enough to marry! A few more months and the bride will be you! Exciting times ahead! Now if we can just marry off Michael!

  2. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. It was such a pleasure working with you, your family and your friends. Thank you for allowing me to be part of such an important day in your lives!
    “Laugh by day-Love by night”

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