tj + shannon // an ocala, florida love story

my snowy michigan heart was warmed up by
the warm florida sun + the honor of photographing
the wedding of someone near + dear to my heart.
my best friend’s oldest brother was getting married…
he was the happiest i’d ever seen him,
and handsome as ever.
his bride was elegance wrapped in this calming
and beautiful quiet. i could see her seeing it all.
their families were excitedly surrounding them,
buzzing around getting everything in it’s place
for what would be one of the most beautiful
days of their entire lives.

…while i did just only get a few hours with shannon’s
family, i can say one thing…
and that’s that this beautiful woman,
and her daughter ava have found big love
within TJ + his family.
seriously BIG. LOVE.
they’ll never again have to seek out love because
that’s exactly what TJ is made of,
and where he comes from.
…these families are so blessed,
and so am i.

this love story is a one of a kind,
out of this world sort of love story,
what you’ll find next are all the little
things that made up this wonderful day…

milk + cookie champagne flutes. blueberry
pomegranate wine. promises to never miss
another first. a hand sewn wedding dress.
super squinty smiley eyes. the most delicious
wedding cake ever. witnessing fifty-seven years
of marriage. the sweetest rendition of ave maria.
a father having the honor of marrying his daughter
in his very own church. bow ties + lace.
frolicking in the woods.
and florida… not looking like….florida.

tj + shannon,
thank you for trusting me to be the one
to document your wedding day, it was an honor
to have a hand in what will be one of the happiest
days of your lives! i wish you both + ava a lifetime
rich in love + laughter! …and wine!



  1. L’usurpation de l’identité d’autrui dans l’intention d’induire en erreur
    ou de causer un préjudice est une infraction grave passible d’expulsion.

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