christopher + morgan // downtown plymouth, michigan

i grew up with three brothers, but really i had
more like five. because i had these two cousins…
oh, these boys. they’ve been picking on me
endlessly since as long as i can remember.
but somewhere between growing up, buzzing
careers, falling in love and med school,
we became something
better than we ever had been before.
we became friends.

this is one of those cousins, christopher.
and this is his incredible fiancé morgan!

it was so nice to have family in front of my
camera for a change. in fact, i believe this is
the first engagement + wedding i will
document for a family member!
it’s truly magnificent that this is what
i do for a living…

2014-07-12_0001 2014-07-12_0002 2014-07-12_0003 2014-07-12_0005 2014-07-12_0004 2014-07-12_0006 2014-07-12_0014 2014-07-12_0007 2014-07-12_0008 2014-07-12_0009 2014-07-12_0010 2014-07-12_00122014-07-12_0015 2014-07-12_0013 2014-07-12_0016 2014-07-12_0017 2014-07-12_0018 2014-07-12_0019 2014-07-12_0020 2014-07-12_0021 2014-07-12_0022

you both are incredibly beautiful souls,
and i love you dearly.


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