…and then there were three // lifestyle family photographer

as if they weren’t already cute enough with
their two perfect little girls, they went and
brought another little little lady into the world!

kenny + kat
kyla + kinley
and sweet baby karoline,

what i loved most about this particular
session was how connected to kinley i felt
for the first time since i started documenting
the love story of this family. it’s always been kyla that
i was drawn to. she’s this imaginative little blonde
who always blew me away with her perception of
the world and kinley was quiet and shy and reserved.
not this time.
this time, it was like her and i were on the same
wavelength in life. she’s finding her voice in the
world for the first time, and so am i.

2014-07-25_0001 2014-07-25_0024 2014-07-25_0002 2014-07-25_0004 2014-07-25_0003 2014-07-25_0005 2014-07-25_0010 2014-07-25_0015 2014-07-25_0007 2014-07-25_0009 2014-07-25_0018 2014-07-25_0019 2014-07-25_0020 2014-07-25_0021 2014-07-25_0023 2014-07-25_0011 2014-07-25_0012 2014-07-25_0013 2014-07-25_0006 2014-07-25_0014 2014-07-25_0016 2014-07-25_0017 2014-07-25_0022

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