i’ve stayed away from this market for as long as i’ve known about it, only dabbling in it from time to time before eventually deciding that the market was a bit over saturated and that i didn’t have a special twist on it to offer the incredible women who have inquired with me about it… i don’t photograph EVERYTHING. i take on gigs that make me feel alive. and since having my own boudoir session done, i’ve done a ridiculous amount of thinking and brainstorming and putting together something truly special and off beat. this all came to fruition when my dear friend offered to split her awesome studio in detroit with me. from the moment i stepped into the studio for the first time, i knew that someway, somehow, i had to create in there. and being the generous woman she is, she allowed me to use her space a few times and every single time it was M A G I C. not only did i leave with memory cards filled with beautiful images, but i felt like a total bad ass… and i think this market requires a certain level of bad assness. so i have these ideas. and i have this space. all that’s left is my all time favorite question, why not? so here’s the thing… this isn’t just for women. this isn’t just for women to give their husbands. this is for YOU first. this is about you + getting to know yourself. and after it’s done being about you, then it can be for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend etc. and i say that because this isn’t a hetero thing for hetero people. this is an EVERYONE thing. i want all walks of life to grace this studio. i want to know you and be a part of reminding you that you’re beautiful. my work evolves and grows and takes new shape with every person i meet, i don’t want to break this cycle. details? come + get em’! i am calling this Undressed, and this is how i imagine it to play out: you wake up + take the most nerve wracking shower of your life, because let’s face it, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be having mini heart attacks in the shower just thinking about all of your flaws that you try so hard to hide when you’re getting dressed. STOP IT. our flaws are not flaws, they tell the stories of where we’ve been and what we’ve been through. seriously, STOP! so you finish your shower, and you pack a bag filled with things that make you feel radiantly beautiful and sexy. or nothing at all. you skip on down to the studio [home to a ridiculous amount of talented artists, creators + innovators] and i’ll greet you at the door and bring you up to the second floor. you’ll walk into the studio and right there, your mind will be blown. you just can’t even believe the magic until you see it with your own eyes. i’ll have champagne to help ease your nerves [or tequila for those who are extra scared like i was!] and then we’ll get you in the chair and you’ll be dolled up by my talented hair and makeup team while we have likely inappropriate conversations that will leave you feeling like you got a great workout and of course, we’ll jam to good music. you can come alone, you can bring your bestie for moral support, or you can even bring your other half for a different twist and do some photos together like never before. i’m game for everything. i want this to evolve as we go. if you have your own ideas, i want to hear them… so long as they don’t come from Pinterest. because you’re better than that. and that’s not how i roll. and if you don’t have any ideas, cool. you don’t need em, i have PLENTY! when you walk out the door, i want you to instinctively turn on your favorite feel good song and immediately wish that you weren’t wearing any pants, ya dig?

details wrapped up in a pretty bow: $500 includes,

• session in super bad ass detroit studio
• 30 minute professional massage
• professional hair + makeup application
• champagne / mimosas / tequila [pick your poison]
•  7×7 little black album filled with images
• private gallery to view all edited images

Also, this is a very limited offer! I can’t guarantee how long this project will be going on,  SO TELL THE WOMEN IN YOUR LIFE ABOUT IT!!  Please email me for booking, questions + availability at bamphoto00@gmail.com!

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