boys will be boys // lillie park, ann arbor

these photos have found a special place in my heart…
so have these boys.

i feel so fortunate that they happily let me follow them around as they stormed the playground with their belly laughs + bravery. everywhere they went a watch me do this! would follow and  everything was giant to them. and every accomplishment was worth a high five + a celebration! there is something to be said about just giving children the space to use their own imaginations and to quietly be present in the moment with them. i loved watching the wheels turn before Joey would make his first move on the monkey bars, and watching Ben watch every move that his big brother made. i will never forget the way their silly faces would instantly transform to these heart warming expressions when i’d say “how would you smile for your mama?”  i will forever cherish this time spent with these two kiddos filled with magic + wonder… and lucky for us all, they are our east coast family, so it won’t be the last time they grace this little blog!
without further adieu, the cutest brothers ever…

2014-09-23_0001 2014-09-23_0002 2014-09-23_0003 2014-09-23_0004 2014-09-23_0005 2014-09-23_0006 2014-09-23_0007 2014-09-23_0009 2014-09-23_0010 2014-09-23_0011 2014-09-23_0012 2014-09-23_0013 2014-09-23_0014 2014-09-23_0015 2014-09-23_0016 2014-09-23_0017 2014-09-23_0018 2014-09-23_0031 2014-09-23_0019 2014-09-23_0020 2014-09-23_0021 2014-09-23_0022 2014-09-23_0023 2014-09-23_0024 2014-09-23_0025 2014-09-23_0026 2014-09-23_0027 2014-09-23_0028 2014-09-23_0029 2014-09-23_0030 2014-09-23_0032 2014-09-23_0033

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