cassie + lyn // chicago, illinois

sometimes in this life, we are granted the opportunity to be changed by others. sometimes we are lead down certain paths and streets and we have no idea where it’s leading us or why this place or person was chosen for us. sometimes when we embrace the gloom of rain, we are shown beauty that needs no sun to shine. sometimes when we open up our hearts + allow ourselves to take it all in, we are free to make what’s inside of us come to life.

i am forever changed. love will never again look the same because of these two beauties. they filled my heart to the brim with who they are + how they love, and i’m so grateful that my life has been graced with their laughter and friendship and kindness.

2014-12-30_0001 2014-12-30_0002 2014-12-30_0003 2014-12-30_0004 2014-12-30_0005 2014-12-30_0006 2014-12-30_0007 2014-12-30_00082014-12-30_0026 2014-12-30_0009 2014-12-30_00252014-12-30_00242014-12-30_0010 2014-12-30_0011 2014-12-30_0012 2014-12-30_0013 2014-12-30_00292014-12-30_0015 2014-12-30_00282014-12-30_00272014-12-30_0016 2014-12-30_0017 2014-12-30_0018 2014-12-30_0019 2014-12-30_0020 2014-12-30_0021 2014-12-30_0022 2014-12-30_0023

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