Tiny House, Tiny Footprint // golden, colorado

greg + kathleen are this super creative + adventurous couple who first set out to create their very own mobile for their roadtripping adventures together, but when they were faced with their current leases ending, greg convinced kathleen to move into this 140 sq foot camper while they built a tiny house for themselves together. and i’m SO GLAD HE DID because when marty + i were in the mountains last month, they invited us out into the foothills of the rockies to see it for ourselves! and of course i had to take some photos of their journey and land and love.

the last memory i had of kathleen prior to this adventure was one of her birthdays when we were itty bitty at The Grapevine in our hometown back in Chicago. it was amazing to be able to reconnect with her after so many years, and to be a witness to this adventure she’s on with greg + their pup blaize!

you’d think that the close quarters would do the complete opposite, but they have actually grown closer together, and their connection to each other is enhanced because they had to learn how to be together on a whole different level than the average couple is used to. there’s no room in their camper for anger, so they decided to embrace who each other is and build a unique life together while they save up and find the perfect place for their tiny home in the mountains!

you absolutely MUST follow them along on this journey, Tiny House, Tiny Footprint! i think we could all take a page or two from their book!

greg + kathleen, thank you for inviting us out + showing us a wonderful time in the foothills!

2015-03-22_0013 2015-03-22_0012 2015-03-22_0001 2015-03-22_0014 2015-03-22_0002 2015-03-22_0005 2015-03-22_0006 2015-03-22_0004 2015-03-22_0007 2015-03-22_0008 2015-03-22_0009 2015-03-22_0010 2015-03-22_0011 2015-03-22_0024 2015-03-22_0018 2015-03-22_0015 2015-03-22_0016 2015-03-22_0021 2015-03-22_0020 2015-03-22_0022

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