’bout that mom life // detroit family photography

photographs aren’t just for today.
photographs aren’t just for parents.
they are for the tomorrow’s. they are for your babies.
they are treasures.
they will tell the stories when you aren’t there to tell them.
they will speak of your earth shattering love for them.
they will remind, they will evoke, they will comfort.
don’t make me beg.

this is my best friend + these are her beautiful and happy babes,

…and this is my heart, doing flips + stuff.

2015-04-23_0001 2015-04-23_0002 2015-04-23_0003 2015-04-23_0004 2015-04-23_0005 2015-04-23_0006 2015-04-23_0007 2015-04-23_0008 2015-04-23_0009 2015-04-23_0010 2015-04-23_0011 2015-04-23_0012 2015-04-23_0013 2015-04-23_0014 2015-04-23_0015 2015-04-23_0016 2015-04-23_00172015-04-23_0032 2015-04-23_00192015-04-23_0021 2015-04-23_0022 2015-04-23_0023 2015-04-23_0024 2015-04-23_0026 2015-04-23_0027 2015-04-23_0028 2015-04-23_0029 2015-04-23_0030 2015-04-23_0031

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