the may family // bass lake, michigan

the last time i set eyes on these beautiful humans, they were promising their lives and their love to each other. i remember so vividly that they came beaming out of the church into a sea of bubbles and smiling faces of their thrilled friends and family. someone i grew to love + adore so quickly in friendship had married the man of her dreams, and off they went to begin their lives together…

here we are now,  and they have become these incredible parents to these incredible children.
charlie has a personality that shines as bright as the sun + character in his soul beyond his years.
julia is just four months along into her lifelong journey and is as beautiful as her mama.

we had a beautiful michigan day and we did what michiganders do best! we soaked up the sun and dipped our toes in the water, and we listened + sang along while charlie sang us a song about being homegrown.

2015-07-17_0001 2015-07-17_0002 2015-07-17_0003 2015-07-17_0004 2015-07-17_0005 2015-07-17_0006 2015-07-17_0007 2015-07-17_0008 2015-07-17_0009 2015-07-17_0010 2015-07-17_0011 2015-07-17_0013 2015-07-17_0014 2015-07-17_0015 2015-07-17_0016 2015-07-17_00172015-07-17_0012 2015-07-17_0018 2015-07-17_0019

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