clay + paige // bissell tree house wedding photography

i could start this story by telling you how i was hired by clay + paige just ten days before their wedding. i could tell you the story of stuffing my face with a warm chocolate croissant minutes before meeting the bride for the first time, and how none of the hotel staff i encountered on my way up to the girls’ room told me about the giant glob of melted chocolate on my freaking chin…thanks guys, thanks a lot.
but the story i really want to tell you is the one about how authentic these two humans are. the story about how their wedding day surprised me over and over and over again, in all of the best ways. i will never in my life forget this day, and i will never forget how witnessing it made me feel and how it changed me. i’ll never forget how often i was reminded by them + their loved ones about what was truly important, and why they were all there to celebrate. it’s weddings and people like this where my passion for documenting stories lives and thrives.

clay + paige, it thrills me to no end that the stars aligned in the mysterious ways that they did and allowed us to make some art together. your love is magic, and it was an honor to be present for + pause the love that surrounded you both in that beautiful tree house on that beautiful day. may this day be one of so many more to come that remind you + the rest of us about what life is all about.

2015-07-20_0003 2015-07-20_0004 2015-07-20_0007 2015-07-20_0006 2015-07-20_0008 2015-07-20_0010 2015-07-20_0011 2015-07-20_0009 2015-07-20_0013 2015-07-20_0015 2015-07-20_0014 2015-07-20_0016 2015-07-20_0017 2015-07-20_0018 2015-07-20_0020 2015-07-20_0019 2015-07-20_0021 2015-07-20_0022 2015-07-20_0025 2015-07-20_0023 2015-07-20_0024 2015-07-20_0026 2015-07-20_0027 2015-07-20_0028 2015-07-20_0030 2015-07-20_0031 2015-07-20_0032 2015-07-20_0033 2015-07-20_0034 2015-07-20_0035 2015-07-20_0036 2015-07-20_0037 2015-07-20_0038 2015-07-20_0039 2015-07-20_0040 2015-07-20_0041 2015-07-20_0046 2015-07-20_0047 2015-07-20_0048 2015-07-20_0050 2015-07-20_0052 2015-07-20_0053 2015-07-20_0054 2015-07-20_0055 2015-07-20_0063 2015-07-20_0056 2015-07-20_0057 2015-07-20_0059 2015-07-20_0060 2015-07-20_0058 2015-07-20_0064 2015-07-20_0065 2015-07-20_0067 2015-07-20_0068 2015-07-20_0066 2015-07-20_0069 2015-07-20_0070 2015-07-20_0072 2015-07-20_0073 2015-07-20_0074 2015-07-20_0075 2015-07-20_0076 2015-07-20_0077 2015-07-20_0078 2015-07-20_0079 2015-07-20_0080 2015-07-20_0081

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