allison + juan // university of michigan, UMMA wedding

allison had me wrapped around her pretty little finger the moment she commented on the honesty + use of light in my work in her original email to me. i remember sitting there on the couch with marty just staring at my phone in disbelief. did she actually mention light?? …a few months later, this beautiful wedding day arrives. my breath is taken from me instantly when i lay eyes on allison, dolled up in the most classic of ways. she was glowing and sparkling and her eyes were so bright. you can’t help but be right there with her, as the love within her radiates in the most infectious ways. …i didn’t even get to see juan until he started walking to the place where he’d await his bride at the end of the aisle. as i panned back and forth from him to her, it was so very clear that we were all about to witness what i kindly like to call, great love. it’s that once in a lifetime love where you can be nothing else except completely consumed by the weight of it. love like this wraps you up in it’s arms and swirls through your veins and reminds you that true love exists. it’s everything.

it’s the kind of love that will always keep me coming back for more,

2015-08-09_0002 2015-08-09_0003 2015-08-09_0004 2015-08-09_0013 2015-08-09_0006 2015-08-09_0007 2015-08-09_0008 2015-08-09_0009 2015-08-09_0012 2015-08-09_0011 2015-08-09_0010 2015-08-09_0014 2015-08-09_0015 2015-08-09_0017 2015-08-09_0016 2015-08-09_0018 2015-08-09_0020 2015-08-09_0021 2015-08-09_0025 2015-08-09_0022 2015-08-09_0024 2015-08-09_0026 2015-08-09_0027 2015-08-09_0029 2015-08-09_0032 2015-08-09_0031 2015-08-09_0030 2015-08-09_0033 2015-08-09_0034 2015-08-09_0037 2015-08-09_0036 2015-08-09_0045 2015-08-09_0047 2015-08-09_0048 2015-08-09_0049 2015-08-09_0042 2015-08-09_0041 2015-08-09_0044 2015-08-09_0052 2015-08-09_0050 2015-08-09_0051 2015-08-09_0064 2015-08-09_0053 2015-08-09_0054 2015-08-09_0055 2015-08-09_0056 2015-08-09_0057 2015-08-09_0058 2015-08-09_0060 2015-08-09_0061 2015-08-09_0062 2015-08-09_0059 2015-08-09_0063
venue: University of Michigan, UMMA
gown: Jenny Packham Bridal
floral: Jody Costello
dj: Brian Alvarez
cake: Cake Ambition, Detroit
wedding coordination: Luna Soiree Events

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