the waters family // messy beautiful family lovin’ in milwaukee, wi

every once in awhile, a session will just have a mind of it’s own. the family is comfortable in a way that allows me to be able to escape to a corner of my mind where i allow myself to just go with the flow + vibes that are unfolding in front of me. sometimes that turns into this messy and wonderful and imperfectly perfect afternoon filled with blurs and sun flares and messy hair and hula hoops and wonder. annnnnd a little bit of dress up too. i like to think that when the girls are grown up, they will remember the day that these photos were taken…that they’ll remember the way the sun felt on their faces, the scruff of their dad’s beard + how beautiful their mama’s hair was. how much they loved this little  house of theirs, and how the dress up clothes were so itchy on their skin. but really i’d settle for them looking at these someday and just remembering how loved they were. that would be pretty cool too.

for the beautiful waters family,

pieces of you, from me…

2015-08-02_0001 2015-08-02_0043 2015-08-02_0027 2015-08-02_0010 2015-08-02_0009 2015-08-02_0003 2015-08-02_0028 2015-08-02_0004 2015-08-02_0005 2015-08-02_0006 2015-08-02_0007 2015-08-02_0008 2015-08-02_0011 2015-08-02_0012 2015-08-02_0013 2015-08-02_0014 2015-08-02_0015 2015-08-02_0016 2015-08-02_0017 2015-08-02_0018 2015-08-02_0002 2015-08-02_0019 2015-08-02_0020 2015-08-02_0022 2015-08-02_0023 2015-08-02_0024 2015-08-02_0021 2015-08-02_0025 2015-08-02_0026 2015-08-02_0029 2015-08-02_0030 2015-08-02_0031 2015-08-02_0032 2015-08-02_0033 2015-08-02_0034 2015-08-02_0035 2015-08-02_0036 2015-08-02_0037 2015-08-02_0038 2015-08-02_0039 2015-08-02_0041 2015-08-02_0040 2015-08-02_0042

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