amy + drue // married on a yacht in saugatuck, michigan

for the second time this wedding season, i showed up to a wedding day never having met the couple, and once again had my heart blown to smithereens by the intensity of the love and the one of a kind + completely intimate style of wedding that was created by the couple.

amy + drue hosted the most perfect wedding i have ever witnessed. their twenty special guests boarded the yacht right in the heart of saugatuck, michigan. a coastal town filled with art and food and music and really good vibes. upon boarding, they were greeted by the cute crinkly noses + anxious smiles of the beautiful brides, and a smorgasbord of the most incredible food made from scratch and with love by one of their guests. we were serenaded by a guitarist who set the most perfect mood as we began traveling out into
the one,
the only,
one of our greats,
Lake Michigan…

it was there that amy + drue would unite their lives together with their families and the sun as their witness. we were all barefoot, with the breeze off the lake blowing through our hair as we listened to these two beautiful humans bare their souls to each other. there wasn’t a dry eye on this boat, including my own. their officiant made beautiful mention of the recent supreme court ruling on same sex marriage, which sent chills through my entire body, and made me so ridiculously proud to be a part of love in such a giant way. from there, we sailed from the coast of holland back to saugatuck as the sun fell through the sky…  it was laughter, love, and the TWO most perfect wedding cakes that would wrap up the most perfect of evenings..


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