ben + mandy // livonia, michigan wedding photography

the fact that i get to spend the majority of my weekends documenting the love stories of so many people is special blessing all in itself. but nothing compares to the weekends when the couple is near and dear to your heart. just a year ago, ben was standing by my side as BridesMAN in my own wedding, and here we are on this beautiful summer day, marrying him off to this incredible woman he fell so in love with. i’ve never been more sure about the union of two people as i am about them. they are bonded together in love, friendship, respect, and their solid + beautiful faith, …and mix tapes. yes, you heard that right. he makes her mix tapes, complete with the best love songs with his own singing voiceovers and messages. that was how i knew that mandy was the one. ben was doing things i had never ever ever ever seen him do, and love makes us do the craziest things. i love that he isn’t quiet about his adoration for her either, he’s all in and he’s loudly in love. as he should be, because there is no more of a perfect fit for him, than mandy.

i’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking with this fairy tale, you’ll see…

2015-08-27_0001 2015-08-27_0002 2015-08-27_0003 2015-08-27_0004 2015-08-27_0005 2015-08-27_0006 2015-08-27_0007 2015-08-27_0008 2015-08-27_0009 2015-08-27_0010 2015-08-27_0011 2015-08-27_0012 2015-08-27_0013 2015-08-27_0014 2015-08-27_0015 2015-08-27_0016 2015-08-27_0017 2015-08-27_0018 2015-08-27_0019 2015-08-27_0020 2015-08-27_0021 2015-08-27_0022 2015-08-27_0023 2015-08-27_0024 2015-08-27_0025 2015-08-27_0026 2015-08-27_0027 2015-08-27_0028 2015-08-27_0029 2015-08-27_0030 2015-08-27_0031 2015-08-27_0032 2015-08-27_00332015-08-27_0061 2015-08-27_0034 2015-08-27_0035 2015-08-27_0037 2015-08-27_0038 2015-08-27_0039 2015-08-27_0041 2015-08-27_0042 2015-08-27_0043 2015-08-27_0045 2015-08-27_0046 2015-08-27_0047 2015-08-27_0048 2015-08-27_0049 2015-08-27_0051 2015-08-27_0052 2015-08-27_0053 2015-08-27_0054 2015-08-27_0055 2015-08-27_0056 2015-08-27_0057 2015-08-27_0058 2015-08-27_0059 2015-08-27_0060

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