breakfast in bed with the green family // south lyon, michigan

everyone was still in their pajamas. i could smell coffee brewing upon walking in the door. sweet little henry was having a rough start to his morning but nothing that snuggles wouldn’t cure. cali whipped up some eggs and toasted some bagels and they all crawled back into their cozy bed and enjoyed a quiet little morning together while i resisted every urge to climb right in there with them.

it was about togetherness. not picture perfectness. it was a real morning, with a fussy little boy and a pup who wanted to be in every single photograph. it wasn’t about getting dressed and putting real clothes on. it was just them, being them, and me crawling around and all over them every once in awhile, and maybe some weird commentary too.

let go of what you used to think of as the perfect family photographs, and just be wrapped up in the togetherness of your everyday. be reminded of the love that exists in your everyday routine.

be love.


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