tom + sarena // hidden vineyard wedding barn

when i met this couple, i found them snuggling + kissing in the peony gardens and i knew from that point forward, i would be witnessing one of those love stories that punches you in the gut in all the best ways. just the way i like it.

their wedding day was as dreamy as i imagined it would be, filled with handmade details bursting with love, vintage jewelry secretly purchased by tom for his bride, hundreds of homemade cookies by sarena, many shed tears, and the most perfect love note from one chemistry lab partner to another. it’s so cheesy and i don’t even care, but who else could ugly cry over how cool is it that they met through being lab partners and then all these years later they become partners for life? i mean, come on you guys…

it was a perfect day, and it was filled to the brim with love. how lucky all of us were to have witnessed these two join their lives together. i also really need to mention that tom was so generous as to find out from my husband what kind of foods i have been craving and upon my arrival, i was greeted with my two favorite cereals (with a bowl, spoons + organic milk!!!) to snack on when needed. WHAT? and to top it off, we even got the most beautiful sunset! thanks, michigan!

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venue: Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn
florist: Merrily Floral + Design
cake: The Flour Shop
dress: Maggie Sottero
wedding planner: Chelsea Wright
dj: Moments in Time

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