jenna + cj // ypsilanti, michigan

jenna is one of the great loves of my life. what started out as a creative business transaction for her to create the ridiculously perfect florals for our wedding, instantly turned into a friendship that i quite simply couldn’t imagine not having. she has brought a burst of love + encouragement + beauty into my life that i will be forever grateful to her for. there is no one on this earth who believes in love + all of it’s powers more than her. she thrives on love.
she is the very essence of love.

…one day she told me about this guy she was falling in love with. i’ll never forget the way she lit up in her eyes as she spoke his name and told me she’d never felt this way about someone before. but what i honestly remember more than that, was the moment she told me that eventually they would be separated by his U.S. Army duties that would leave her here in michigan and take him to texas. i remember feeling so crushed thinking about how difficult this could and would be and worrying about what it might do to that heart of hers.

so here we are, days away from his departure. my heart quite literally aches as i look through these photographs of them together, and i can’t help but think about how good love looks on my beautiful friend. i can’t help but feel overwhelmed with joy that this man can make her shine like this. and i just hope that these photographs can serve as reminders to them of how powerful their love is, and that perhaps when they have really tough days, that they can hang onto this beautiful morning…

2015-10-15_0093 2015-10-15_0094 2015-10-15_0095 2015-10-15_0096 2015-10-15_0097 2015-10-15_0098 2015-10-15_0099 2015-10-15_0100

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