the darket family // livonia, michigan

high school sweethearts who still have a fierce love for each other. the most spirited six year old i’ve ever met. a dance party. bed jumping, and beer brewing. oh, and their dog Nola running away right upon my arrival! these are all of the makings of the session i had with the darket family. my dear friend, and fellow bomb photographer, asked me to come out and document their lives for an afternoon + i was so thrilled to see the love bursting underneath the roof of their cozy home. FLAWLESS is the theme of this family for me, not because it graces a wall of their daughter’s bedroom, but because they give her such beautiful space to be her true self. she is a little bit wild in all of the right ways,  spunky beyond belief, and probably one of the funnier humans i’ve ever met. she is such an authentic kid and they are giving her such a cool childhood + i loved being able to spend some time soaking it all up. and i love meg’s crinkly nose smile + the way her and mark adore each other. i think high school sweethearts stir something up in my soul like no one else can… thanks for sharing your love with me + keepin’ it so totally real.

2015-10-15_0039 2015-10-15_0073 2015-10-15_0071 2015-10-15_0074 2015-10-15_0072 2015-10-15_0040 2015-10-15_0041 2015-10-15_0042 2015-10-15_0048 2015-10-15_0049 2015-10-15_0050 2015-10-15_0044 2015-10-15_0043 2015-10-15_0045 2015-10-15_0046 2015-10-15_0047 2015-10-15_0058 2015-10-15_0051 2015-10-15_0052 2015-10-15_0053 2015-10-15_0056 2015-10-15_0054 2015-10-15_0055 2015-10-15_0057 2015-10-15_0079 2015-10-15_0080 2015-10-15_0081 2015-10-15_0059 2015-10-15_0060 2015-10-15_0061 2015-10-15_0062 2015-10-15_0063 2015-10-15_0064 2015-10-15_0065 2015-10-15_0066 2015-10-15_0067 2015-10-15_0068 2015-10-15_0083 2015-10-15_0069 2015-10-15_0090 2015-10-15_0070 2015-10-15_0075 2015-10-15_0076 2015-10-15_0077 2015-10-15_0086 2015-10-15_0087 2015-10-15_0089 2015-10-15_0088 2015-10-15_0084 2015-10-15_0085 2015-10-15_0091 2015-10-15_0092

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