nick + kelsey // cleveland, ohio wedding photography

i love this love story pretty hard you guys, …mostly i love that it appears from the outside to be quiet + modest, and then i caught the glimpse of him seeing kelsey in her wedding dress for the first time and saw his entire being light up. seven years later, and they still look at each other with hearts in their eyes, and they genuinely enjoy each other in a big BIG way. there is no doubt about the depths of this love. it’s deep, it’s big, and it’s real. it’s made of all the forever things…

nick + kelsey hosted the coolest wedding, in the coolest places. they began their wedding day by booking an AirBnB filled with beautiful light and they got ready TOGETHER. (please please please, more of this in my next wedding season!) their intimate ceremony took place at the Wade Chapel at the famous Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio, and their reception was brilliantly hosted in the Hildebrandt building, an old meat processing building. every detail was so organically nick + kelsey it was hard to believe it was real life! from the vegan buffet + desserts,  to the way they turned a blank room into this sun soaked space filled to the brim with their personalities was just insane. hand drawn signage done by nick himself, a popcorn stand in honor of a dear family member, and of course we can’t leave out the fact that nick + kelsey made photography such a priority that we even had time to stop at Lake Erie’s coast and chase some light.

i couldn’t imagine wrapping up my incredible season of love stories with anyone else! and can we talk about the fact that the three of us having a photograph taken together was a priority? i mean, it’s easy to make meaningful + wonderful art with people who make you feel so loved!

documenting this day, was one of the highlights of my whole career to date, and i thank these two incredible humans for choosing me, and then choosing to be real life friends after! SCORE!

2015-11-09_0060 2015-11-09_0002 2015-11-09_0006 2015-11-09_0001 2015-11-09_0008 2015-11-09_0004 2015-11-09_0003 2015-11-09_0005 2015-11-09_0007 2015-11-09_0009 2015-11-09_0010 2015-11-09_0011 2015-11-09_0012 2015-11-09_0013 2015-11-09_0014 2015-11-09_0018 2015-11-09_0015 2015-11-09_0019 2015-11-09_0021 2015-11-09_0028 2015-11-09_0025 2015-11-09_0026 2015-11-09_0020 2015-11-09_0022 2015-11-09_0023 2015-11-09_0024 2015-11-09_0027 2015-11-09_0029 2015-11-09_0030 2015-11-09_0031 2015-11-09_0034 2015-11-09_0032 2015-11-09_0033 2015-11-09_0035 2015-11-09_0036 2015-11-09_0037 2015-11-09_0038 2015-11-09_0040 2015-11-09_0041 2015-11-09_0042 2015-11-09_0039 2015-11-09_0043 2015-11-09_0044 2015-11-09_0045 2015-11-09_0046 2015-11-09_0047 2015-11-09_0048 2015-11-09_0049 2015-11-09_0050 2015-11-09_0051 2015-11-09_0052 2015-11-09_0053 2015-11-09_0054 2015-11-09_0055 2015-11-09_0056 2015-11-09_0057 2015-11-09_0058 2015-11-09_0059 2015-11-09_0061 2015-11-09_0062 2015-11-09_0065 2015-11-09_0066 2015-11-09_0068 2015-11-09_0067 2015-11-09_0069 2015-11-09_0070 2015-11-09_0071 2015-11-09_0072 2015-11-09_0073 2015-11-09_0074 2015-11-09_0075 2015-11-09_0076 2015-11-09_0078 2015-11-09_0079 2015-11-09_0082 2015-11-09_0080 2015-11-09_0084 2015-11-09_0086 2015-11-09_0088 2015-11-09_0089 2015-11-09_0090 2015-11-09_0091


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