the bad assery of love // 2015 edition

2015 was a year of pure goodness.
and love.
and authenticity.
professionally and personally.
it was the year that i realized that my personal life and my professional life were one in the same.  it required me to take a hard look at what i was doing, why i was doing it, and who i was doing it with. it required me to not only seek out balance, but also to have the courage to do whatever it took to achieve it. whether that meant working less, working more, being selfish, being choosy, saying no, saying YES, etc etc.

2015 was a year that had plenty of obstacles too. it required endless soul searching and making serious sacrifices in order to accomplish goals. i was willing to socialize + nap a little less in order to fulfill this burning desire to make everyone who stood in front of my camera cry just a little bit.

this job requires more than we will ever get credit for. we can tell people until we are blue in the face that our job far exceeds taking pretty pictures once a week at weddings, but only we will ever truly know that the true + genuine grind of running a photography business is unimaginably grueling. being a creative on any level is grueling. it requires a commitment of time that is so ridiculously fierce. it demands not only your full attention, but also a dedication on a level that can stretch you far beyond what you ever thought you were capable of. it demands you to be vulnerable and open and it has no space for artificiality. this job takes us away from our friends and families and steals our weekends, and most of the time we don’t mind because our clients become our friends and family. the industry is cutthroat, filled to the absolute brim with artists taking it to another level every single day, doing things with their cameras that are so astounding that you can’t believe what you’re seeing most of the time. we aren’t just photographers taking pretty photos. we are storytellers. we are innovators. we are game changers. we never stop seeking to be better than we once were. we are wildly vulnerable. we never ever stop. what we do day in and day out is called keeping legacies alive. we are real life magicians with the exquisite ability to pause time, to savor a moment, and to pierce the hearts of people all over the world. we can so sharply communicate emotions with our God given gifts without ever speaking a word because what we do is universal. now you know why i call it bad assery, folks.

i feel like i am the luckiest, even when shit is hitting the fan during wedding season. even when i’m exhausted out of my mind and deadlines are creeping up and the stress of running a business begins to take it’s inevitable toll, i still feel like i am hitting that 1.3 BILLION FREAKING DOLLAR lottery.

this job keeps me surrounded in love.
it keeps me grounded in love.

…and here’s a tiny glimpse into the love i so honorably witnessed this year,


to every couple i worked with,

<insert biggest, tightest, and most wonderful internet bear hug the world has ever known here>

i am a better person because your love changed me. you gave me the gift of doing what i love for another entire year and even the biggest thank you could never possibly be enough. every single one of you is forever etched into my heart,  and i thank you kindly for loving me in all of the ways that you have!

to everyone on the roster for 2016,

BUCKLE UP. i am about to bring a tiny little human into this world at any moment, and i can already feel the intensity that this new love will bring to my work. let’s keep it weird. let’s step outside of the box. let’s chase the light. let’s forget about STUFF and instead be consumed by LOVE. let’s make beautiful bad ass art that’s made up of your LIFE!



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