stacy + emily // the fillmore, detroit

so i met these really cool girls, and they gave me all creative freedom.

then something happened.
…on this day.
…at this wedding.
something clicked, and then that something set my heart on fire with an intensity so fierce. it didn’t even fully register until i got into my car to drive home at the end of the night. i started to replay the entire day in my head, and it all kinda rushed over me, and swept me away. (all of this may or may not have been more intensified by that new justin timberlake jam playing in the background.)

maybe it was the tear filled first look. maybe it was the intensity of LOVE within their families. maybe it was that stacy sat on a hotel room floor with her crew on her wedding day and ate sub sandwiches. maybe it was when emily cried all the way down the aisle, or when she got up on stage and sang her heart out to stacy. maybe it was the moment they thanked everyone in the room for loving them for who they are…

for a thousand and one reasons, they are my people, and this was the best day.



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