rochelle + cameron // a warm + elegant wedding at waldenwoods

dear rochelle + cameron,

thank you.
thank you for being the kind and generous and loving people you are. thank you for loving each other with such passion. thank you for appreciating every moment, every detail. cam, thank you for being the kind of man who stands at the side of the person they love as they fight like hell for their life. ro, thank you for fighting like hell for your life. i have so much respect for you for not wanting cancer to define you, but THANK YOU FOR FIGHTING. THANK YOU FOR SURVIVING. this world is a more beautiful place because you’re here in it. thank you for being such a light in so many lives, and thank you for sharing a glimpse of that with me. i will never forget the way your students looked at you, the way they loved you. i’ll never forget your dad cam, and the way he spoke about the kind of man you are, and i’ll certainly never forget the way he and his friends sang your first dance song for you + ro. i’ll never forget the way EVERYTHING made you cry, rochelle. you go about and experience your life in such a manner that reminds me to take pause in my own. thank you for ripping my heart wide open in the best way and awakening my soul. your love is other worldly, and the honor i feel that i got to bear witness to just one beautiful day of it, and be changed forever by it, is overwhelming.




if you want to see the absolutely INCREDIBLE first dance being sang by the groom’s father and friends, CLICK HERE.

venue: Waldenwoods
florals: Bride & Bloom
Band: Nick Kuhl and The Gang


    1. Brings me to tears all over again! Such a beautiful memory for my most beautiful, loving son and daughter!! It was a Dream filled day come true!! ❤️ Love, Mom 😘
      Britt, your heart felt words could not be more perfect! Thank you!

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