derek + sarah // zingerman’s cornman farms wedding

ohhhh, this day. this big beautiful day. cornman farms was looking + being all perfect as usual, the styling by luna soiree had me jaw dropped, as did the bridesmaid dresses and florals done by the mother of the bride, seamstress extraordinaire. the maid of honoring singing the first dance songs, and little tiny tot ZOEY, and everything! call me crazy, but the whole day kinda felt like someone really special and really missed was hanging around protecting it all day, making sure that the sun got to shine down onto these beautiful people, on this very special day… ❤

derek and sarah,
you brought my disney princess dream to life, and how wildly beautiful you were that day had so very little to do with it. your hearts are big, your love is big, and it was such an honor to be all up in that lovin’ with you + your people. xo



  1. Your amazing
    Thank u for capturing all these moments !!! My Zoey loved being photographed especially with her prince 🙂

  2. WOW-there are NO words-a fairy-tale wedding. When hard times appear-and they WILL appear-BOTH of you stop-bring out these pictures-sit down together-LOOK-RE-LIVE the moments-and let LOVE HEAL!

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