brooke + shane // stubbe or not stubbe

my best friends wedding.

(i had planned to give a toast at the reception, but brooke’s sister decided to embrace the fact that she would cry in front of everyone in order to gift brooke something she had been hanging onto for nearly a decade. once upon a time, shane wrote his number down on a big paper tag to be given to brooke, and the rest is history. the thing is, brooke and shane are two of my best friends and i need to give my toast to them, so i hope y’all don’t mind…)

my favorite thing in the world these days has been doing life with you guys. growing in our relationships, watching you guys become these incredible parents, and you quite literally watching jo be born, and us finally raising our babies together.

i’ve seen you two at your highest, and i’ve seen you during some pretty tough times, and i just stand back + watch in awe at the way you both handle everything that comes your way, together, AND with such grace.

B, you and i have never left anything on the table. the best stuff AND the worst stuff. i mean, how many people can say that their best friend first started out as their enemy?? and through that we have somehow managed to find this really safe place within each other that i’m certain has gotten us through some of our worst of times. even when we battle, i always know that we are okay, and that we will resume with our regular antics soon. and that’s not just because half the stuff we tell each other would probably land us on some government list. you have been my biggest cheerleader, you’re my mirror when i need to be brought back down from the clouds, and you’re the most accepting and thoughtful and generous and loving person i’ve never known. thank you for always being here, and loving me. thank you for being someone i can always count on for acceptance, reassurance, and partying. and the best lipstick colors. and the best music recommendations. thank you for teaching me how to be the best kind of mom. i seriously know NO ONE who’s more ride or die than you. BOTH of you!

which brings me to you shane! i’m pretty excited to be able to love on you too tonight. you truly are the best, and the best guys never get the amount of thanks and love they deserve because everyone on the receiving end of it is too busy being happy because your love puts us all in a bubble of bliss. you have the biggest heart and just the right amount of bad assery. you love, and you protect your family like no other. and listen, i know for a fact that you can drive Brooke MAD, but i also know (and have thousands of texts to prove it) that no one on this earth has loved her as perfectly as you have. you are everything she needs, and everything that she wants, and if ever you wonder about or doubt that, please remember tonight, and then come ask me for the proof. thank you for loving me, and loving my family, and loving this beautiful bride of yours the way you have for all these years.

i’m still new to this adventure of marriage, so my little bit of advice is simple: be loving, be forgiving, be yourselves, and enjoy each other and the beautiful family you made together.

everyone under these stars with us tonight is better because they have your love in their life. we are all so damn lucky to be loved by you! so let’s all raise our glasses to brooke and shane! may they have the time of their life tonight, and always.


hey stubbe’s,
…all the way to the moon & back a million times.


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