taylor + adam // #hulyksmith

jo and i woke up one early + gloomy saturday morning, and we went to spend a little bit of time with taylor at home with her cats before she set off for the most charming wedding  i’ve seen in a long long time. seriously, the best. this didn’t surprise me for one second though, and you’re going to see why in a sec. taylor and adam have taste + style like no other, coupled with the coolest personalities ever combined into one relationship. i remember getting their inquiry and squealing out loud in a parking lot as i read through it. we had rare music in common, and even though i don’t like cats, i happen to really like people who really like their cats. taylor also happens to be a BSB fan, and while i am an NSync-er for life,  i love Love LOVE boy bands and how they change and evolve with each generation so i appreciate her appreciation. most importantly though, there is the subject of wits. if there’s one thing i respect and admire the most in someone, it’s their wits, and taylor’s are on another level.

this day was filled to the brim with their silly personalities, and you could feel every ounce of love that they poured into this beautiful day they shared together with their nearest and dearest. there were tacos, a giant jug of margarita,  and sprinkles being thrown at their faces. they and their wedding was a breath of fresh air and i’ll hush now and let you see all of this for yourself!


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