drunk on love // 2016’s finest

welcome to the billionth “best of 2016” blog post you’ve likely seen on your morning scrolls over coffee! what you’re going to find here is an obscene amount of photos that i feel truly represent the things that i loved most about this last year of documenting the love stories of these beautiful people. you’re going to see little dudes in hammocks, me trying to sneak myself into photos, places + moments that stole my breath, the wife of a bride’s brother grabbing the microphone and singing a sultry number to him, grandparents with cameras, two women thanking their loved ones for supporting their love, kids who wandered off during sessions, me writing YOLO in wedding guestbooks, food that made me drool, first kisses, great lakes, the simplest of gestures, baby jo tagging along to shoots, and love that burst my heart wide open. what you’re not going to find is space, because as i sit here and look back at all of this, it feels like a big giant blurry mess of wonderful things that all roll together that somehow i found myself lucky enough to witness.

to all of you who so graciously welcomed me into your lives + homes this year, who have had such incredible patience with my delays and hiccups, and really supporting me while i tried to figure out how to balance BAM + motherhood, i could never repay you. i am so unbelievably grateful to know so many beautiful souls, and to have had the opportunity to give the love in your life pause.

this was 2016,



  1. Amanda says:

    Seriously astounding talent 😍

  2. Chris says:

    Aghhhh. I love these. This…this is what life is. The moments. Glimpses of hope that rise above everything else. ❤ You’re the bestest.

  3. Amy Khavajian says:

    Love these photos. You are insanely talented, Britt! Thank you for being a part of our special day!

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