at home with elizabeth + keenan // geneva, illinois

funny how the universe works…
this freezing little afternoon with these two came together thanks to documenting my pregnancy on instagram, and the internet connecting likeminded people! elizabeth + keenan are soulful, creative, and kind people. they live in the bottom floor of this really cute house that is filled end to end with the coolest things i’ve ever seen. i love walking into homes are that are lived in and well loved like this. the kinds of homes where no one needs to actually be in the space in order to understand who they are because it’s showcased in the knick knacks that they surround themselves with. this one was filled with the loveliest of little things (like paint tests from a grandparent on the wall) and really quirky cats. i swear the entire session didn’t take place in bed with a guitar, but enough of it did and damn it, it was cool as hell.

this coming year is all about continuing to dig deep, and stay real.

(e+k, thanks for being the best, laughing at my dumb jokes + letting me be a creep!)


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