sweet baby luna // a home birth story

anastasia + asi, along with their two beautiful children, brought sweet luna baby into the world from the comfort of their own home. upon entering this sacred space, there was chatter about arrival time, weight, how much hair she’d have, hot water was boiling on the stove, and a peaceful mama who was covered in that labor glow. candles were lit, the fire was roaring, and the moans of a woman doing the hardest work of her life began filling the room. sweet naomi swam alongside her mama in the birthing tub, ocassionally her hands would find her back and she would rub her so gently through contractions, and ivan sat as close to the tub as he could + strummed the sweetest sounds on his ukulele.

luna came into the world in just a few hours, and she was big and beautiful, and she found her way to that mama nook that was made just for her. this beautiful family of four, became a family of five right before my very eyes.




  1. Beautiful pictures of the family.. so happy for you guys. Good job mama she’s enchanting! We loved looking at them, reminded me of my own home births. Can feel the love through the pictures.

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