maggie + aaron married on the north shores of oahu, hawaii

…welcome + aloha! whatever brought you here, you should know that what you’re not going to find here are typical destination wedding photos, because this destination happened to be home

maggie + aaron traveled to the native place of her family, and it was here with their closest friends + family that they began the next tale of their love story. the entire weekend was filled to the brim with incredible hawaiian culture. there was a buzz in the air that was constantly reminding you to take pause, be grateful, and be kind. i’ve always sort of had a vision in my head about what hawaii was, but i was blown away upon arrival how immediate the showing of love was. of all the places i’ve been, i’ve never experienced anything like this in my entire life. the people of these islands at their core are full of peace, togetherness, hope, and tradition. maggie + aaron, and their seriously incredible wedding team brought with them a style all their own of timelessness and elegance, and i hope you feel a bit of that as you scroll through these photographs.

…and as if the wedding day wasn’t perfect enough, they also invited everyone (including my family!) to their luau at one of the worlds most beautiful beaches, Waimanalo Bay. photographs could never do this place justice, it is truly that incredible. it was there that maggie’s family came together to eat, dance + enjoy the breathtaking views.

Maggie + Aaron, and to all of your family + friends,
you’re such beautiful souls, and it was an honor to
spend this time with you all.

No Keia La, No Keia Po, A Mau Loa



venue: Turtle Bay Resort
wedding planner: Marquette Avenue Events
dress: (skirt) Carol Hannah (top) heirloom from grandmother’s wedding gown
epic florals: Passion Roots
band: Island Kings Band
catering: Turtle Bay Resort


  1. Love was in the air throughout the entire visit to Turtle Bay and to the wedding festivities — what a fabulous beginning for Maggie and Aaron’s wedded life! Dad and I wish you love, health, and happiness forever. Love you both so much! Mom and Dad

  2. What a very beautiful wedding!!!!!! Those pictures are fabulous. I almost felt like I was there. Wish Dick and I could have been. Aaron, Dick and I wish you and your new beautiful bride much happiness!!

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