andrew + bobby // an ann arbor wedding at misty farms

what you’re going to find here as you scroll is an abundance of love between two people, and some of the wonderful people they share their lives with.  you’re going to find goosebumps on your arms as you watch affection pour out of the embraces you’ll see. you’ll find here a father who not only gave away his son in this union, but he also married these two beautiful souls. you’re going to find a heavy stream of tears, celebratory bottles of champagne being popped, bridesmaids with killer style (you looked phenom too guys!)  and the whole thing will get wrapped up with an overflow of style, elegance, pride + feeeeeeeelings! all the damn feelings.

bobby + andrew, thank you for the incredible honor of bearing witness to your big beautiful love story, and a big thank you to the folks of Frutig Farms for hosting yet another stunning wedding on their beautiful ann arbor property.



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