keenan + elizabeth // a love filled wedding in lake geneva, wi

about 76 weeks ago according to the internet, a nurse midwife started following my pregnancy journey on instagram, and she told her best friend to do the same. fast forward to said friend getting engaged. i’ll never forget the ridiculously hilarious photo that she posted about it that i happened to see, and let’s just say i didn’t waste a single second in letting her know that i wanted to be their photographer. they are the most beautiful + wonderfully weird people, and i still cannot believe that it all worked out the way that it did.

so what you’re going to find here is a wedding that e + k hosted in the beautiful town of lake geneva, wisconsin. you’re going to find the faces of their family + friends who made me feel like i was one of them. then you’ll find a steady flow of tears that left us all grasping our chests and wiping our eyes and noses. you’ll also find mismatched socks (keenan is a proud forever wearer of mismatched socks, so he put different socks in a bag + made the fellas draw a mismatched pair for the wedding!) a flower crown like you’ve never seen before, and the sun that decided to shine just long enough for these two humans to make their vows to one another before it poured. oh, and HOW COULD I FORGET THE DANCING?!?! you’re going to find photo evidence of my most favorite wedding reception of all time, and trust me when i say that this is quite the feat because my people know. how. to. party. OH OH OH!! AND the flower girl named josie who caught the bouquet!! this wedding you guys, man…it was just so damn good. every minute of it got better than the last.

also, i’m sorta dying over the fact that i just asked my husband what to name this blog and he said, “just call it…….. keenan cries!” KEENAN, I HAVE ALL THE LOVE FOR YOUR BIG GIANT MASSIVE HEART OF GOLD!!!!!!!

but seriously, grab some tissue + enjoy…



  1. Thank you so much for posting all these pictures, I couldn’t be there and this makes me feel like I was!! Love to you both, Holly

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