hello hamill’s // intimate outdoor wedding marin county, california

it feels like a hundred lifetimes ago that i met this beautiful woman, but maybe that’s because it kinda was in a sense or two. our friendship began well before our parents subjected us to a life with braces. we lived in the cutest little town in northern california and took the public bus to school together every morning. before i knew it i had found myself one of the greatest friends i would ever have in this life. so great that when my family moved our family back to chicago, fate would have it that her mama would live just a few miles away from where we moved, and we somehow managed to keep a long distance friendship alive by way of snail mail and annual visits when she came to visit her family. i have spent the last twenty years being in awe of her, and the woman she has grown into. her style is unmatched, and so is the devotion she has to those who she loves. to be by her side in this way on her wedding day will forever be one of the greatest honors of my life…

KEVIN, YOU ARE SO FREAKING GREAT TOO!! like, so freaking great. the greatest.

this union was one that everyone was waiting for.  i knew without having met him for the longest time that kevin was the kind of man that she could, and would eventually share a life full of joy + adventure with, and our families time spent together after their engagement only solidified that feeling as i watched them together. it was this sense of wholeness that radiated from her, and his ultra relaxed vibe (and insanely good taste in music) that just felt right. it felt like a safe + beautiful place for my friend, and i felt lucky to be in the presence of their love.

now, i’m always lucky to witness all these love stories, but there is something to be said about the times when it’s the people you love the most in your life that makes you stop…

to you know, smell the roses

these two hosted a beautiful outdoor wedding at the marin art + garden center that was such a testament to the love they have for both the people in their lives, and those who they’ve lost along the way.

all my love to you both, forever + ever.



  1. Every detail of your wedding day was beautifully done. Your happiness overflowed and made this a memorable day filled with laughter, dancing, and complete love. We’re so blessed to have you both in our families.

  2. Every detail of your wedding day was beautifully done. Your happiness overflowed and made this a memorable day filled with laughter, dancing, and complete love. We’re so blessed to have you both in our families.

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