bedtime with the haley’s // ann arbor, michigan family photography

the last time i photographed this family, oliver wasn’t talking , so to walk in the door and be greeted as Miss Britt and with full understandable sentences was basically the coolest thing ever.  i was really excited that nicole wanted to document bedtime in their house because it feels like such a vulnerable time of day for everyone. there is all that bath + bedtime chaos, and tantrums and frustration. there’s the snuggles while reading bedtime stories that follow that chaos, and the smooches to wrap up what usually feels like a pretty long day with these tiny people we love so much. there’s no getting around all of that during this time of day, and it was cool to be a total fly on the wall the entire time.

of course there’s also something so totally divine about seeing a side of your friends during a part of the day when you don’t usually get to see them, and this was one of those times. this was all made even more special because the next time i photograph this family, there will be another little dude hanging around…


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