kris + katie // a wedding at detroit’s masonic temple

i’ll never forget the first message i got from katie almost a year ago…

she spoke of how 12 years had gone by and that through many obstacles and miles, her and kris somehow always found their way back to one another. she talked about how they respected each other, never grew bored of one another, and that they loved being weird (hi, i love weird!) and that they loved to sing to each other! WHAT!! ❤

i loved them immediately, and their love story only captivated me further as the next year came and went. this love story is something i’m not sure i can truly articulate with words, so i’ll just let the photos and the tiny gestures of sweet love do the talkin’…

xo babes,



  1. We enjoyed the wonderful pictures,,what a beautiful wedding, we were there in spirit and vedio. Love to both of you, looking forward to seeing you in Florida. Love GP Vern, Leveda and Holly

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