at home with the mager family // michigan family photography

the last time i photographed this family, luella had just come home with them and i was a couple months away from delivering our first. we are back at it with a similar story… they brought home their sweet new babe chase and i showed up puhhhhretty pregnant awaiting our son’s arrival. funny how the universe works that way, right?!?

as always, one of the coolest parts of my job is that i get to watch families do this beautiful slow grow into themselves, both in size and in the way each person changes over time. it’s honestly the coolest, and its a big massive amazing honor.

i spent a chunk of an early evening with these four. chase is just a month new to the family, and while the spotlight should have been on him, his big sister stole the show with her big brown eyes, huge smile and fiery red hair. they’ve spent the better part of chase’s homecoming snuggled on their couch that they turned into a giant snuggly bed so we spent most of our time there, and in other places the beautiful light drew us to.

welcome to the world, sweet boy!


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