charlie + ashley // lexington, michigan engagement photography


world, let your hearts be ripped open by the smiles and love between charlie + ashley, and the mighty beautiful great lake huron…

(and the cutest motorcycle riding parents ever!) mannnn, i swore if i included a (ahem, two!) photos of them in the blog that i would just let them exist and not say anything because this is about charlie and ashley, not the cute parents. but damn it look at them! that’s what i call life goals right there!

i spent a beautiful evening with these two beautiful humans, and won’t soon be forgetting how damn lucky i am to have witnessed yet another love that could move mountains.



  1. I can’t help but SMILEand feel the LOVE when I look at these pics! That beautiful smile melts my heart❤️ You two compliment each other very well. Can not wait till 8/25/18 to celebrate the two of you❣️

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