tim + amber // intimate wedding at cliff bells, detroit

tim + amber, also affectionately known as timber, feel like home to me. they have a long, easy going history of ten years of their togetherness, and i loved how easy it felt to be with them. i understand them + where they are, and how they share their life together as the best of friends because that’s one of those beautiful things that time does. these two break all the codes of the norm in just about everything they do, and it was amazing to watch them float through their wedding day with such ease and relaxation because they weren’t caught up in any of the usual chaos. they hung out with their guests + each other before the ceremony even started, they provided the most swanky ambiance for their friends + family to have an authentic experience in a city they live in + cherish so deeply at the one and only cliff bell’s. they ate an incredible meal, and then spoiled their guests rotten with cake from none other than sweet heather anne and then surprised everyone with a faygo cola float bar, WHAT!? and don’t get me started on how many beautifully hand crafted old fashioned cocktails i watched get made by the incredible bartenders of the coolest speakeasy in detroit. to put it simply, this wedding was as cool as these two in every possible way. beginning with amber getting herself a hotel room downtown just for herself and getting ready with just the help of her best friend. or the way they did their first look so super casually in the hotel room, except there just wasn’t anything casual about it because the simplicity of it all made it that much more special. the love was running deep in the few details that existed, because this wedding needed none of that, it just needed these two humans and the people they share their life with.
…and a kick ass open dance floor that blew my mind!

see for yourselves,



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