dayna + A, and the wedding of a lifetime

listen, i have been touched and moved to tears at every single wedding i have ever photographed, but there is something that was found on this day– at this little farmhouse, under this particular bright hot sun, under this big white tent filled with these voices and faces and hearts more pure and genuine than you could ever possibly imagine. and that little something that i found was what i can only describe as some sort of refuge, or a haven or a sanctuary of sorts. at one point during the reception, i remember putting the camera down and letting the moment carry me away with it because everything in my bones said that a night like this comes once in a lifetime, and i believe with everything i am made of that it’s true. it almost breaks me a little to think that i might never find myself in a space quite like this ever again, and something tells me that i’m not the only one who felt this way at the end of the night.

i remember looking out at all of the faces, and all of the works of art on these beautiful bodies that told the stories of their lives. i remember noticing that not one single person looked the same or similar to anyone else. i remember watching them all shed their skin, clothes and any sense of inadequacy that the rest of the world put on them because there was this abundance of freedom to just be, and it was the most beautiful and incredible thing that i have ever witnessed with my own two eyes.

dayna + A threw every wedding rule out the window and gave themselves and their guests (and i don’t even like calling these folks guests because it was immediately apparent that every single person in attendance was so deeply rooted in their lives) a place to surrender themselves into beautiful reckless abandon.

there are thousands of tiny and huge things that happened on this day that made it everything it was, and you’d be too tired from reading that to enjoy the photo evidence if i listed it all… but from the loving tribute and song dedicated to A’s sister who had passed, to dayna having a conversation with her grandmother about the fact that she was getting married as she approached the end of the aisle and she said “who are you marrying???” and there was A, waving from the front like hey, it’s me! …to dayna literally falling on her ass as they entered their reception and laughing it off because that’s how she rolls. or the tiny little love notes that they wrote to every single person there hanging on the clothes lines, OR THE FOOD THAT DAYNA COOKED FOR EVERYONE. of course then there was the opening of their dance floor with a tribute to the dirty dancing armpit tickle, and a mother son dance that literally made me scream in excitement and cheer out loud! AND THEN THEY OPENED UP THE DANCE FLOOR FOR ANYONE TO SPEAK THAT WANTED TO, and of course this wound up being the catalyst into the most epic choreographed dances to the likes of BSB, and GAGA…because these people CAN’T MISS CAN’T LOSE AND YOU KNOW YOU LOOKIN’ AT A WINNERRRRRR! …maybe you just had to be there for that part, but DAMN IT WAS EVERYTHING.

these people are the most beautiful people, and i am better for having spent this day immersed in their unwavering and weird and awesome and beautiful love. these people, and this wedding represent to me the kind of world and relationships and connections that i wish for my own children,



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