ashley + charlie, black barn vineyard + winery wedding



i want to say a million things about it, but i think my three favorite takeaways from the day can be summed up in their friends + family, and the way that they were WITH them throughout the entire day. right down to charlie’s closest friends watching over him as he read a note from ashley, which was when i began to notice the connectedness. you could just feel that these people that surrounded them were just as excited about this day as ashley + charlie were. then there was a moment right as charlie was putting on his coat where i felt like there was a bit of a rush swirling in the air and i just simply asked him to check back into the moment, to let the sense of getting-the-show-on-the-road go for a second, and to remember that he wasn’t just putting his coat on to have a regular day… and i didn’t have to say anything more than that,  and all of the sudden he took a pause, he looked at his coat with this knowing of what was coming next, and the way he proceeded sent chills down my spine. charlie is basically groom goals, guys. take note! and let us not forget the way every single person at this wedding probably cried like a baby watching these two marry, because we all know that love like theirs is damn near impossible to find…

i fell head over heels in love with these two the second we decided to work together, and i feel so very fortunate to have witnessed this union of love that is unmatched. ashley + charlie, i would get stung by a thousand bees for you in a heartbeat,

thank you
thank you
thank you




this wedding was hosted by ashley + charlie at Black Barn Vineyard + Winery, which is one of the sexiest venues i’ve ever seen in my career. i was blown away immediately by the grounds. the exquisite details and brilliant vision + vibe of the wedding was brought together by none other than one of my favorite planners and designers, Ann of Bash Event Planning. she + her team are also the the floral designers! and as if i wouldn’t tell you all about the cake done by my favorite crew of brilliant bakers + decorator extraordinaires at Sweet Heather Anne!

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