at home with the mckenzie’s // vail, colorado

it feels like another lifetime ago that kellie and i were in 6th grade, complaining about how much we hated our hair, and probably dumb boys too. i might not have ever discovered my love for bagels with cream cheese if it weren’t for breakfasts at her house after our weekend sleepovers. fast forward through this huge gap in time where we didn’t see each other again until facebook reunited us, and now nearly 20 years later the birth of her daughter, sweet sweet LilyAnn, is what brought me and my family out to colorado. i can’t even begin to express how incredible it was, what an honor it was… and how incredibly comfortable it was, to be with her new little family, and to bear witness to this wonderful life she’s made for herself in these beautiful mountains.

kellie and rob, you guys do life so so so so right! thank you from the bottom of my heart for seeing something in my work that made you feel like bringing me there to document this time in your life! you guys are so beautiful it hurts…


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