katie + steven // ypsilanti, michigan freight house wedding

my favorite people in the world are the ones who are unapologetically themselves, and katie + steve are two of those very special kind of humans. this sentiment was confirmed as i listened to the toasts later in the evening that spoke about how they both marched to the beat of their own drum. i began looking at them like damn, how lucky you were to have found each other… i went to high school with steve, and had a few run ins with him at weddings over the years, and i remember getting their inquiry like it was yesterday. their wedding date was my husband’s birthday, but he wrote “…and we’ve been growing together ever since” and also something about being a killer karaoke duo, and i said BIRTHDAY BE DAMNED, I’M IN! (sorry boo!)

…this wedding was hosted at the ypsilanti freight house in depot town. at some point during the day, we also wound up at a very very local pub, bringing a bride and groom in there is probably one of the most hilarious highlights of my life. we also lucked out like you wouldn’t believe with the changing colors. i was so excited about it that i actually convinced the groomsmen to throw leaves like little school girls, although i am not sure i had to CONVINCE them, because they were the coolest.

the photos you’ll see in a second will be proof positive of everything i’m rambling about so i’ll just stop here and let you see for yourselves. but i do want to share that one of my very favorite things about editing is seeing what the very first frame of the day was. i feel like it says a lot about how i’m going to approach each wedding day. it’s interesting to see what the first thing was that made you stop and make a photograph. in this case, it was their cat, which makes all the sense and absolutely none of the sense. i’m just not that into cats, but this particular cat was pretty freaking perfect, so i’m rolling with it.


(and if you’re wondering what my favorite photo of this wedding is… it’s hands down, the photo of steve + katie coming into the reception where steve’s dad pulls him into the proudest and most loving hug, but not only that, HE GRABBED KATIE TOO, and when you see it, you will know what i am talking about. it’s everythingggggg!!!!!)



  1. I am speechless! I have never been so moved by photos before. I teared up, I smiled, I laughed out loud! My goodness, these are amazing! The love these two have for one another was so beautifully captured. WOW! I’m so happy for you Steve and Kate, that your very special day was captured by such a gifted photographer! She is truly an artist.

  2. These pictures completely capture the true nature of these two. As I was viewing the pictures, someone looked over my shoulder and commented that each picture has emotion and character, they have life… soul. They give the silent/quiet parts of the evening a voice and bring life/energy to the loud energetic parts. Truly fantastic photos. Thank you.

  3. These photos truly show who Steve and Katie are, two people that love each other and are loved by many. They show the air we all breathed that night, which was simply amazing! Thank you for having the eye and gift of capturing such a beautiful event.

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