i’m britt. i’m a happy wife to a pretty cool dude, a wolf mother to our german shepherd fiona, and a brand new mama to josephine. i’m a little bit weird + a lot a bit sensitive. i have an obscene amount of michigan pride + a potty mouth. i am guided purely by my instincts + the idea of YOLO. i am located in ann arbor, michigan but i travel the world documenting love stories!


i’m all about the TRIBE.
the quality of my work and the quality of my life is directly affected by the people i share my time with. the people i choose to work with become so much more than clients, they have to, because documenting the love story of two people requires a depth that goes so far beyond me just being a hired vendor for your event. we become each other’s people. i think it’s pretty cool.

i’m all about the CONNECTION.
it is crucial for me to authentically connect to every couple i work with.

i’m all about the LOVE.
i’m into that real-mushy-gushy-in your-face-can’t-get-enough LOVE. i’m not interested in what all those popular wedding blogs say is trending in the wedding world and i’m so not into you doubting whether or not your wedding is epic enough in comparison to all the ones you’ve been to. i guess you could say that i’m just not that into the stuff. you being vulnerable + available + present + in love, that’s what i’m after. i’m interested in the way you look at each other and smile because you’re realizing for the 30th time that this day has finally come and it keeps feeling like the first, or the way you hold hands as you float from guest to guest. i’m into all of the tears, all of the hugs, and your terribly awesome dance moves. THAT’S what i’m all about.  oh, and i’m also really really really into wedding cake.

i’m all about the MAGIC, and wedding days are filled to the brim with it! let’s chase the light. let’s make memories. let’s laugh until we think we’ll die. let’s make some beautifully bad ass art together. ya dig?


  1. Jennifer Sai says:

    Hven’t been on your site in like forever… ok just since your last bog… but I LOVE the updates!

  2. This is so random, but I feel like I just must share. I found your Instagram account via the hashtag #IHitTheInLawJackpot. I used it, and I wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way I did about my in-laws. Well, you’re the only one 🙂

    But I found your Instagram account and then your photography page, and I have to share how much I love them. As a very casual photographer, your talent is something I aspire to. Thank you for sharing your work!