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i’m britt, and i’m a michigan based wedding and family photographer, but don’t be fooled by where my roots lie, because there’s nowhere on earth i wouldn’t travel to make photographs.

i don’t have any fancy awards to brag about, i’m not on any lists of photographer extraordinaries, and i don’t have a million followers anywhere. what i do have is a passion for pausing the ordinary and extraordinary. i think my gift is being able to see beyond the chaos of a wedding day, and a tantrum in a family session, and reminding couples and families that love is at the core of everything we do.

if i could have it my way, i would spend the rest of my days photographing no one but my family and friends, so you’ve maybe heard that i’m picky about who i work with, and it’s true true true! and it’s not for any reason except that what i feel my role is as a photographer is a most powerful one. it is absolutely crucial to my creative process that i feel like a real connection be there so that i feel comfortable enough to dig deeper than the surface to bring all of your joy to life in a photograph.

when i’m not photographing the lives of others, you can find me adventuring with my husband and two kids, naked hot tubbing with friends, mowing the lawn, traveling as often as possible, writing love letters to my babies, and eating. forever and ever eating.


  1. This is so random, but I feel like I just must share. I found your Instagram account via the hashtag #IHitTheInLawJackpot. I used it, and I wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way I did about my in-laws. Well, you’re the only one 🙂

    But I found your Instagram account and then your photography page, and I have to share how much I love them. As a very casual photographer, your talent is something I aspire to. Thank you for sharing your work!

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