family photography

i guess you could say that weddings are my main squeeze, but i also
happen to love photographing families…
if this is what brought you here, HELL YES.

if you want to book a session, decide what sort of session you’re after,
and then fill out the form below!

• in-home family stories •
i come to your home, and spend a couple hours with you, at a time of your choosing.
if this is the session you want, we will talk prior to the session about
what exactly you’re wanting to capture, whether its blanket forts in the
living room and not changing out of pajamas on a rainy day, or it’s
bedtime routines that you always wish you had photos to help you savor…
this is not about perfectly clean homes or everything going smoothly. this is about
the mess and the ordinary and love.

• middle of somewhere beautiful story •
there ain’t a damn thang wrong with using family portraits as an excuse
to spend a ton of money on new clothes for the fam. for this session we would pick a drop dead gorgeous location, probably early-ish morning or just before sunset,
and i will make you guys clobber each other with love until our hearts
can take no more!

• minis •

summer 2018 minis will be happening in july!
dates coming soon!

if you have needs for a photographer outside of weddings and family, please
reach out! i’ll try anything once…