“Britt is one of the most creative, energetic + selfless people I know. She creates timeless art that we will cherish for years to come. She approaches each session with great intention + vision. She is strong + confident in her approach and execution! She [ + her amazing husband ] drove us around Chicago in the rain to find the greatest spots for our engagement photos! We threw a curveball at her right before our session and she handled it with grace and enthusiasm! She laughed with us, cried with us + felt with us. She isn’t just a photographer, but an amazing human + friend. We couldn’t be luckier to know her and we are so thankful for the special moments she captured for us!”


“I honestly can’t find the words to describe how amazingly talented Britt is. She made us feel so comfortable and relaxed, and her in-the-moment approach to photography created so many spontaneous and gorgeous images. Our engagement photos were absolutely beautiful and so romantic; so much so that we had the hardest time choosing just one for our Save-the-Dates, and I thought that it would be almost impossible for our wedding photos to top them. I was wrong- our wedding photoscaptured every gorgeous moment of our wedding day so perfectly and even despite the constant rain; she has the ability to make any location, weather, etc. completely beautiful. Looking at our wedding photos made me cry because they documented every smile, laugh and memory of that day in a way that makes you relive it again and again every time you look at the pictures, and even shows you moments that you don’t remember or didn’t realize were happening. Beyond gorgeous images that we will truly cherish forever. She has an amazing gift, and I am so glad that we did not consider any other photographer to capture this milestone in our lives, because there is truly none better.”

“I cannot put into words how amazing Britt is! If you hire her, or work with her in any capacity, the first thing you will notice is how amazingly talented and creative she is. This woman was born for this, and it shows in her absolutely amazing work. She gives each and every client a unique 100% of herself. She puts so much LOVE into everything she touches, and every photo she takes. She has such a passion for her clients and their lives and their stories, and I can guarantee after hiring her, she is someone that you will never forget. On top of her crazy amazing talent and superior work, Britt is just one of the best and most authentic and most loving people. She takes the time to authentically learn about each of her clients, to make a special connection, and she truly cares about producing a product that is extremely personal to you. I cannot recommend her more!! If you are looking for the best person (who also creates amazing artwork through her beautiful photography) than YOU NEED TO HIRE BRITT!!”

“Still swooning over not only my wedding photos but also my engagement ones! This lady does not just take pictures…she captures moments! If you are looking for a photographer who will make you look and feel beautiful (or handsome ) and provide you with professional and inspiring photos, look no further!”

“Britt is AMAZING!! I was so anxious about finding a photographer who could capture us as a couple in a beautiful but still totally REAL way, and Britt does this so wonderfully. We got exactly what we wanted out of our photos while also having our minds completely blown by her perspective. She’s the kind of photographer whom you can trust completely to make amazing art while you are just being yourself, and I’m forever grateful that she was the person to document our wedding day!”

“I am SO happy with BAMphoto. Britt took the best photos of my fiancée and I during our engagement shoot. I wanted unique shots that truly captured our love, and I got that and more. I can’t even begin to choose just one photo for our save the dates. Britt and I just clicked from the beginning, and she’s just wonderful! She made my fiancée and I feel completely at ease and even picked a location that I had never thought of- and of course, it turned out to yield the best photos. I am so excited for our wedding day and the amazing photos that we’ll keep for the rest of our lives.”

“Photography by BAMphoto is something that everyone should experience. Britt has an eye for creativity, and every photo she takes portrays such candid, raw emotion. She is truly a brilliant person and photographer.”

“my choice to have BAMphoto do my UNDRESSED shoot was one of the best I’ve ever made! i love every. single. photo. and I will forever remember and cherish the incredible experience with the beautiful soul that belongs to Britt Hueter. she puts her everything into her work and her love for it absolutely shines through in each and every shot.
I never need to search for another photographer again, BAM is where it’s at!”

“Britt did our engagement photos this past summer, and I still can’t stop looking at them, they are magnificent. I can’t wait for our wedding which she will be photographing, of course!”